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“Bikaffe” Interview on Future TV Alam Alsabah July 2

On July 2, Bikaffe’s Media Representative and PR Manager Ms. Rania Merchak talked about the meaning of the name Bikaffe, how the NGO was established, its mission, vision and current activities during Alam Alsabah on Future TV.

Ms. Merchak also highlighted Bikaffe’s current collaboration with Help For Leb to raise funds for its summer activities.

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“Bikaffe” Interview on MTV Alive June 30

Bikaffe’s Media Representative and PR Manager Rania Merchak, along with social worker Ehssan El Chab were MTV Alive’s Rendez-Vous guests on Tuesday June 30 to talk about the NGO’s mission, vision and activities.

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9 Year Old Killed After Being Sexually Abused by a 15 Year Old

In a report aired on Al Jadeed TV News on July 4, 9 year old Mahmoud was killed by a 15 year old who attempted to sexually abuse him. When Mahmoud threatened to tell his father, he was brutally killed by the teenager who then confessed his crime to the authorities.

Mahmoud had been missing from the night before. Authorities were only able to find his body the next morning.

The abuser this time is a child himself. He is a 15 year old who is living alone, without his mother or father.

Mahmoud is another victim of our society’s closed-mindedness. The only way for such atrocities to no longer see the light is for us to speak up. Awareness is essential to build a healthy society based on good values.

We comment Al Jadeed TV for shedding light on this story, in the hopes of it being the last one of its kind.

May Mahmoud rest in eternal peace.

If you are concerned about your own or someone else’s behavior with a child, contact us on 961 70646150 or visit bikaffe.org

Save a child. Act now. Speak up!



Bikaffe Successfully Hosts Bébé Maryam Play for 300 Children on Odeon Theater

Beirut – May 24, 2015:

Bikaffe successfully hosted “Bébé Maryam” Play on “Le Théatre de Gisèle”, Odeon – Jal El Dib for nearly 300 children, where the NGO presented to Mrs. Gisèle Hachem Zard a token of appreciation for all her selfless support. Other figures were also honored during the event.

“I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who contributed to make this event a successful one, especially Mrs. Gisèle Hachem Zard who went above and beyond to help draw a smile on the faces of 300 children. Without her support, this event wouldn’t have been as successful as it is”, said Mr. André Andraos, President of BIKAFFE.

Mrs. Zard took the stage to accept the token of appreciation presented to her by BIKAFFE, and she had a few words to share with the audience: “I am here today to be the voice of children who have no voice, just like in the picture. Let us all raise our hands and say “Enough” (BIKAFFE), and raise our voice against abuse. You should tell your mom and dad, and not be afraid to speak up!”

Nearly 300 children enjoyed watching the fun play after listening to an awareness speech regarding hygiene and reporting abuse. After the play, gifts were distributed to all the attending children who left with a big smile on their faces.

We would like to thank Mrs. Gisèle Hachem Zard once again for all her efforts and support.

Copywriting credits go to TransPremium.


BIKAFFE Cordially invites you to Bébé Mariam Play!

In collaboration with Odeon Theater (Mrs. Gisèle Hachem Zard), Bikaffe awaits you to be among 300 children (5 to 10 years old) to enjoy watching “Bébé Mariam” play for free on Odeon Theater – Jal El Dib this Saturday May 23.

An awareness speech will be given at 3:30 p.m. and then the play starts at 4:30 p.m., followed by gift distribution to all the attending children.

We will officially announce our media ambassador!

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Special Thanks to Mrs. Gisèle Hachem Zard.

Speak up girl!

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1 in 6 children are victims of sexual abuse.

75% keep it a secret.

Most children are afraid to talk about sexual abuse. This is why we have to.

If you’re worried about a child being a victim of sexual abuse, it helps to act sooner. Call us confidentially or visit bikaffe.org

To stop child sexual abuse, we need to speak up.

speak up boy!

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Most child sexual abuse victims don’t ask for help.

You can confide in us.


We know how hard it is to talk about child sexual abuse. But 1 in 6 children are victims and it won’t stop unless we find a way.

If you’re concerned about your own or someone else’s behavior with a child, call us confidentially for help or visit www.bikaffe.org

To stop child sexual abuse, we need to speak up.

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